Chloro Tech Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is directorship firm, CTEPL is working in the field of Design, Consultant, Engineer, Manufacture, Supply, Erect, Commission, Service, Operation & Maintain of Chlorinators, Chlorination Equipments & Systems, Evaporator, Accessories related to Chlorinators, Safety Equipments, Chlorine Leak Absorption System, Chlorine Dioxide Generator, Ozonator, Filtration Plant for Swimming Pool etc.

The Chlorinators, Chlorination Equipment’s and Systems manufactured by our principals comply with the engineering standards laid down under IS : 10553 part II, DIN 19606 and Chlorine Institute-USA standards. We have designed manufactured, installed, commissioned number of chlorinators as individual equipments and complete systems of various capacities and specification.

The equipments and systems manufactured by CHLORO TECH can also be used for services like Chlorine, Sulpher Dioxide & Ammonia. Respectively termed as Chlorinator, Sulphonators and Ammoniators. Also CHLORO TECH manufacture Chlorine Dioxide Generator for dosing.

The management team of ChloroTech is headed by Mr. H. D . Kansara, a well experienced executive with 24 years of experience in the field of Chlorination and Disinfection Business. Mr. Kansara has the highest degree of business acumen towards identifying the business in various market segments and catering to the specific needs of the users by providing appropriate solutions and products.

ChloroTech is poised for making the large in-roads in the Indian market and establish itself as the global company in this market with roots spread deep with a clear strategy of being identified as "Indian" company and therefore will pursue an age old proven strategy. We are proud to work with various big industries, Corporations, Government Sectors, Fertilizer Plants, Power Station, Water Works, Swimming Pools etc.

ChloroTech indigenously offer the identical water disinfection products and services through its own national network in Indian home market. ChloroTech has ambitious plans of expansion and manufacturing various products in India and exporting the same to the neighboring Asian countries thereby establishing itself as an important manufacturing operational base.

The list of major user industries is quite large which includes some of the important core industries like Chemicals, Food Processing, Power and Utility, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals and many more. The application areas in the various industries include product washing, equipment wash-out, waste water treatment, make-up water, slime and algae control, odour control and product process water control. The list of industries and the application areas gives clear indication of immense scope that is available for the growth in the field and ChloroTech is poised to capture sizable market share in this expanding market within the next few years.

The company is having its specialty in executing Complete Vacuum Type Chlorination System Package & Chlorine Dioxide Generator for project works in Refinery, Power Station, Fertilizers Plant, Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment Plant, Swimming Pool as required by customers and consultants. The company is capable to Supply, Erect and Commission of Vacuum Type Chlorination System from 50 Gms/hr to 200 Kg/hr capacity with related accessories such as Evaporator, Electric Control Panels, Booster Pumping Sets (Fresh & Sea Water & Chlorine Solution) Electric/ Pneumatic Auto Start/Stop Valves, Programmer Controllers, Change Over Device (Electrical and Vacuum), Flow Praposnet Valve, Chlorine Leak Detectors, Chlorine Residual Analyzer, MS/FRP Lined Pipes and Fittings, FRP Pipes and Fittings, Lifting and Weighing Equipments, Roller Supports, Chlorine Leak Absorption System and Safety Equipments Etc.

Mr. H. D. Kansara (Director)

Heads entire company ChloroTech. He has been in this field since the past 24 years and has perfect knowledge of the Market scenario. He also has experience of dealing with various types of applications that we normally have in system designs for Chlorination Packages.

Mrs. C. H. Kansara (Director)

Heads entire administration of the company.

Mr. D. B. Kansara

who is responsible for the complete Technology. He is responsible to design the products in a phased manner in India.

Mr. P. R. Gajjar

Heads Marketing/Sales and Service activities of the company.

Mr. Rushang Sheth

Heads QC Department. He is responsible to check quality of all raw materials, finished products, bought out items etc.

Mr. Sandeep Retiwala

Heads designing, planning and Project related work of the company.

Mr. Shwetang Sheth

Looks after entire financial and accounting activities of the company.

Mr. Nitesh Patel

Looks after entire purchase department of the company

Mr. Ketan Kansara

Looks after store and logistic department of the company.