Evaporator Chlorine evaporator with water as heat transfer medium Multitube heat exchanger

1. Technical Data

1.1 General Data
Evaporation capacity and media
Order no. medium evaporation capacity
171W-100 Cl2 100 kg/h
171W-200 Cl2 200 kg/h
Inlet connection Groove flange ANSI 25 (G 1") according to ANSI B16.5 class 300 rating
Outlet connection Tongue flange ANSI 25 (G 1") according to ANSI B16.5 class 300 rating
Weight with heat transfer medium approx. 220 kg incl. control unit and load unit
Weight of control unit approx. 18 kg
Max. operation pressure 11 bar with bursting disc 14 bar (standard version)
12,5 bar with bursting disc 16 bar
Permissible ambient temperature 0 to +40 °C

1.2 Materials
Enclosure GFK
Parts in contact with media Steel, stainless steel, silver, copper, brass, bronze

1.3 Electrical Data
Power consumption
Order no. power consumption (kW)
171W-100 9
171W-200 18
Heating elements
Index no. mains voltage
V000* / V001** 230 / 400 V (50/60 Hz) (standard version)
V010* / V011** 240 / 415 V (50/60 Hz)
V020* / V021** 220 / 380 V (50/60 Hz)
* with 171W-100 ** with 171W-200
Circulation pump***
Index no. mains voltage and degree of protection
  220 - 240 V (50 Hz) (standard version)
IP 42, Iso. Kl. F
  220 - 240 V (60 Hz)
IP 42, Iso. cl. F
*** The circulation pump can be operated in the voltage range 220 - 240 V even though the labeling of the pump shows 230 V / 50 Hz resp. 240 V / 60 Hz.
degree of protection control unit IP 66
Contact load of outputs Max. 250 V, max. 50 VA ohm resistive load
Input voltage control signals Floating contacts (24V DC / max 5W per input)
NOTE: The type plate can be found on the back of the instrument support.

1.4 Control Panels: Control Unit and Load Unit
Dimensions 400 x 600 x 200 mm
load unit
Index no. mains voltage
V001* / V011** 380 - 415 V (50/60 Hz), with supply for gas pressure reducing valve (standard version)
* with 171W-100, ** with 171W-200
control unit
Index no. mains voltage
V100 24 V DC, without digital display (standard version)
V101 24 V DC, with digital display
V101 optional with Profibus DP
  load unit 400 200 600 550 350 M8 ca. 240

2. Installation

2.1 Transport and Storage

Handle with care, do not throw!

Dry storage place.

The gas connections must be tightly closed during transport and storage!

WARNING If humidity penetrates the device: Danger of corrosion with chlorine gas!

2.2 Unpacking

Observe when unpacking:

No humidity should get into gas-leading parts!

No foreign matter should get into gas-leading parts!

2.3 Installation Example

1. Gas container or container battery

2. Shut-off valve at the inlet side

3. Evaporator RV 171W

4. Shut-off valve at the outlet side

5. Liquid trap and filter

6. Pressure reducing valve

7. Vacuum regulator

8. Gas dosing unit

9. Injector

10. Gas warning device