Part list and MOC for ROLLER SUPPORT (RLS - 65)

Sr. No. Description Part No. QTY. MOC
1 Body CTEC/047/ROL/01 1 Nos. Graded Cast Iron
2 Roller CTEC/047/ROL/02 2 Nos. Carbon Steel Cadmium Plated
3 Roller Pin CTEC/047/ROL/03 2 Nos. SS 316S

RSL – 65 Drum Roller tunnion fabricated from steel , epoxy coated to resist corrosion, Roller are cadmium plated and equipped with bronze bushing for ease of drum rotation. Frame have holes in end to attached to floor via anchor bolts or lag anchors. One set of two tunnions are required for each container.

Capacity 2000 Kg.
Dimensions 100 x 535 mm D x 110 mm H
Weight 25 Kg per set