Part List of Chlorine Ton Container Rerair Kit (900 Kg )

1. Tie road 2Nos
2. ½” Nut/Washers 8Nos.
3. Front bar with sq. block 1No.
4. Front Hood with gasket 1No.
5. Hood pressure bolt 1No.
6. Chlorine valve for hood 1No.
7. Back bar with sq. block 1No.
8. Plug hood with gasket 1No.
9. Plug hood Pressure bolt 1No.
10. Nylon tit ropes 2Nos.
11. Dock plate S hooks 1No.
12. Docking bolt 4Nos.
13. Link chain 3mtrs.
14. Pressure plate with gasket 1No.
15. Pressure plate bolt 1No.
16. Taper pin 1No.
17. Yoke clamp 1No.
18. Blind nipper 1No.
19. Lead washers 5Nos.
20. Yoke clamp spanner 1No.
21. M.S. hose nipper 1No.
22. Jubilee clip 2Nos.
23. ½” PVC tube 5mtrs.
24. screw Driver 1No.
Other necessities  
25. Gas Mask (Canister type) 1No.
26. Ammonia solution (with torch) 450ml.
27. Rubber frame goggle 1Nc.
28. Hand gloves 2pairs.
29. Hammer 1No.
30. Chest Apron 2Nos.
31. Key for valve spinde 1No.
32. Fix spanners 3Nos.


Tie rods

Relevant solution in a glass bottle

Big hood with vent valve and valve cap on

Angle irons

Small hood

Round yoke plate with cap screw


Base Plates

Leak detection torch


Gas mask with corrugated hose

filter canister

Fibre glass hood respirator with PVC bolero

PVC apron

One Pair of PVC hand gloves

Gas tigjht rubber goggles


Spanners-30mm x 32mm & 3/4" x 5/8"

stud with welded handle


Rubber gasket (OD 155mm-ID 90mm)

Flexible copper tubing

Yoke clamp

Yoke with stud

Opening/closing lever for vent valve

Tie rod pipe pieces

Cap nut

Drift pins, in two sizes

Rubber gasket

Rubber gasket (OD 115mm-ID60mm)

Tie rod washers

Fibre gasket (1.25"OD-0.75"ID)

Blind fibre gasket(1" Ø)

Teflon tape

steel patch plate